• Registration open for the 2018-2019 school year

• To register your child please request a registration form by email at segreteria@nidoscuolajacaranda.com

• You will then be sent a registration form to complete. Registrations will be confirmed upon payment of the September fee

Corso Sempione, 34 - Milan

Jacarandà Nursery School is a project born out of the desire to offer children, ages 6 months to 6 years, a new meeting, research and discovery space that has children at the centre of learning, creativity and curiosity, in a bilingual setting. The idea is to provide participatory education in a welcoming environment designed for this age group that is focused on the daily relationship between children, teachers and parents.

The school is housed in a former 1950s parking garage, completely renovated by Labics architectural firm to create a large space dedicated to early child development (2100 m2 indoors and 600 m2 outdoors). Jacaranda is working in collaboration with Reggio Children (see press release) to follow the pedagogical principles of the Reggio Approach, recognised globally for excellence in the promotion and spread of quality education. In addition, Giovanna Gulli, founder and director of Clorofilla Nursery School, in Milan, will collaborate with Jacarandà providing the school with her precious managing expertise.

In collaboration with

Both the architectural project and the nursery school environment reflect the structure's educational and organisational intentions, putting the values of sharing and participation at its centre. The different sections overlook a large and luminous agorà, which is the real heart of the project: with its open spaces and two ateliers dedicated to expressive languages, it will be the main meeting point where socialising and sharing takes place.

Jacarandà will have its own kitchen, to create food for the children's diet that is in compliance with the nutritional guidelines. Attention to the quality of the raw materials will be guaranteed by the use of seasonal products.

Both the structure and the three heated swimming pool will remain open after school hours, allowing children and adults to take part in afternoon activities.


Entrance: 8.00-9.15 am
1st pick-up time: 12.45-1.00 pm (nursery school only)
2nd pick-up time: 4.00-4.30 pm
Late pick-up time: 4.30-6.30 pm
Open in July
Opening September 2018

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